WordPress “Sonny” does it good?

18 Dec

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wordpress 3.3 Sonny

Its been quite long time since the last time I've updated my blog, this one or the other one. Well, the reason is several week ago I got married (finally..), secondly since then I really can't connect to the NET. Since now I'm living in the new house that sadly doesn't have any connection at all. But, thankfully there is genius team that already invented great apps called WAMP, so I can still work my project locally.

Today I already planning to post my blog although I was still confused what to write, but when I was login here I'm quite surprise seeing lot of updates notification at my dashboard. The one catch my eyes is that WordPress updates to 3.3. To be honest, I always afraid when WordPress is updating. Why? well afraid that I must fix my code at my themes of plugin when I have really limited time to online. Here what I thought with this version.

The first what you see is the theming right? and I think the theming for the Dashboard really nice, simple and simplified. Just hover the menu at the right side and the sub menu will pop out.

Second is the unified Upload Media. Now for uploading image, video, music is just at one place. And the best of it, it support Drag and Drop. nice...

Well, I haven't browse through it all, but I think this updates that comes with the codename : "Sonny" in honor for the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt is giving a lot of relevant updates of how we communicate with our WordPress-based site.

And the best of all, I don't need to fix my code yet. :beer: