What I Think About Windows 8

25 Sep

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Today, I've just finished downloading Windows 8 Developer from Microsoft site. Doesn't want to get curious later the version that I'm downloading is Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64). Cause the difference is not to big, and I don't want to redownloading it again just to want to know how it feels :D

FYI, I'm using VirtualBox at my Windows XP to try this OS. Later I'll cover how to do it at another post.

So when I see the other site screenshot of Windows 8 really makes me excited since it's really give us a brand new looks. that the first reason why I want to download it at the first time.

Windows 8 Slide Start Menu

Above Picture s the screenshot of the first look when I've finished the installation of this Windows 8, looks really fresh, simple yet full of apps. GREAT!!

But that just the beginning, or I might say also the last time I'm impressed with windows 8. why? Cause as soon as I'm click the desktop, It's all over. the new interface that i was hoping is not there, It's all looks alike with Windows 7. Later I realize that the cool interface I saw before is just the start menu.

Windows 8 vs 7 Desktop

Well, to be honest Windows 8 (although I admit that the start menu is really refreshing) really looks like when we use Windows 7 and install some Transformation Pack to get that looks, Too bad since Windows 7 feature still can fight another OSes. Looks like the hype that Google Android made really push Microsoft to make this move, It's a shame really..

Since Windows XP, Microsoft haven't made another breakthrough in Operating System. But hey its all just preview, lets pray that it all will be changed at the Final Release. But honestly with you, what I really hope when first time I'm download this Windows 8 is not just the Visual Style is different with Windows 7, but also the Algorithm.

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    is it possible to add more info, photos, new impressions?