Simple and Fast Twitter Client for Browser

02 Feb

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Love to Tweet your daily life? or even just talk about something nothing just want to have fun? I'm with you in it. The uses in Twitter has been growing rapidly these day since they offer really simple social networking yet fun. different with Facebook where there's lot of feature, in Twitter it's really simple : Tweets. Yes that's what Twitter about. How we make new friend, debates, make jokes, inform, promote, almost everything is doing in twitter in about 160 char. But honestly in my opinion the twitter site right now is not that simple anymore.

If you got dial-up connection like I do, the site load really quite massive bandwidth and the impact is just to load it is taking lot of time or bandwidth. So most of Tweeps [Twitter User] as I do usually like to tweet for mobile device and/or third-party apps. But since the apps for Desktop still quite take lot of BW so I search a different type of third-party apps, and come across with some twitter client extensions for browser. It's just like apps but you open it from browser.

"KWITTY" that's the extensions name for Google Chrome browser that catches my attention. It's really fast and simple, in fact the interface is really like mobile Twitter Client. here some screenshot :

I like this extension since it fast and still got important feature like the "RT" and else. To got this extensions for Chrome just head to Google Chrome Webstore and search "kwitty"

So, what your choices for Tweets your activities?

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