The Most Easy Way To Upload Your Image/Picture

12 Jan

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rainerflame Upload Image
Not usually I give review about another site, cause there's so much site, great site out there but usually with some downside. Well, I'm not judging cause I understand too there's finance needs behind every creativity. But now I found some simple yet useful site for your online life yet not push us to make them rich.

Here's the story, Some time ago when I want to upload some picture for my sale thread I realized that the forum's upload server is currently offline. So I must find an alternative where I can upload my pict quite a lot time period. usually I use tinypic, but after some time the image always replaced with their bandwidth exceeded notice. :nohope:

After some search, [ 2 or 3 keyword on googling i forgot...] I found this site :


This site is what I'm talking about..

The site layout is very simple, the best thing is you can upload how much you want [haven't tried out with 100 yet] without even need registration, and also they provide hotlink where you can save you bandwidth by uploading there. Now it's almost 2 month, and my picture is still showing there, no need to re-upload. And the last thing is with this you can add feature upload image directly to their server at the posting page at your forum. Whether you are using PHPBB, VBulletin, SMF they cover it all by releasing plugin for every Forum Script.

Maybe at some point you want to register, just so you can organize your uploaded image? It's never been easy, just click the register link you'll see it's never been easy to register.