The Most Easy Way Create Website

20 May

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It's not easy to create some website design that can represent our business or personality, especially what we want. Because there is step we must do to make Design Idea become Website Design.

First we create sketch of how the layout should like. then we create PSD's of that sketches so we can populate the graphic element such as icon, image, gradient, etc. After that the hard part begin, CODING. From HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and other that you must know in order to make your design idea become actual Web design.

Done? if you intend just design, well its done although there are some other step to make it live site.

If the above step is too long for you, you can just hire some web design professional and let they do the job, but if you want to make it yourself yet you're don't know anything about coding but don't want to suffer from the process, I got some site that I know you'll love.

This Site called :

Im creator site builder

What great about this site is that we can design actual live website just by drag drop the element. They really simplified the design process so you can focus more in content and service.

When I first know website, I just thought that it's just drag and drop process. Now, this site is actually implement it at the Website creating process so it become so easy to create not just some usual website, but an elegant beautiful one .

Don't believe me? here their YouTube video that you can watch how easy to design website there :

Just edit the text, move the picture, add some element and move it all we want. There's no more you can ask. It's the most simple way to design website ever! When you finish editing you'll get free URL  that point to your website with format :[username]/[sitename]

for example I just create some site using this just to know its power here : (I created in less that a minutes..)

The domain not cool enough? well you can also bought domain there and use it for your newly created site.

The limit now is REALLY just your imagination. Have A Nice Day..