“Stuck Era” in Technology Development

18 Aug

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technology development stuck eraLooks like Apple framework really work, every time they release something new its always have great follower {or you can say duplicator, plagiator or even alligator...}. From their product iPod, iPhone, iPad now we can see a lot of company take its design to their own product variant. not just that but even their software concept like full Touchscreen display, Apps Store and other is duplicated too.

Well, I don't say that it's bad. More forward I think its good for consumer since it will give us more choice in buying. But, I just hope that this is not create something that happen for a long time in human history what I {personally} called "Stuck Era"{okay, my choice of words is not too bright but I have my point here}. It's an era when some new creative idea is exploding the market, It's not create another bright creative idea. But, sadly it just create some new plagiarism idea.

Don't believe me? here I'll show you some of it {in some cases I might be wrong, but I hope you can see the point I'm trying to show}.

At first if I remember right, the processor race it's all about speed. When one company manage to reach 1Ghz, other reach 1.2Ghz and so on. after reach some peak. suddenly the speed is dropped again to 1.6Ghz, where the cause of it that the creativity of human is interfere by creating something called core. suddenly the race track is changed to coring system. more core you have, more expensive you must pay. even the speed is lower if its have more core it must've been better. Now all the company is race who have the best core architecture, where now speed is just some seasoning.

When Sony Corp. created some creative breakthrough product called "Walkman" everyone is shocked!! suddenly walking become popular among people {where before it prefer using vehicle}. and what happen after that? all the competitor follow it. they create product that in general if i may say, its "Inspired" from Walkman though.

Same story goes to Operating System, Mobile Phone, Auto Vehicle, etc.

But don't feel sad now, cause usually in history after this what I called "Stuck Era" it will come "Bloom Era". Here where the creativity of human, take the previous Creative idea into whole new level.

Do you have dual core powered PC? well, its common now right? But how about dual core powered mobile phone with discrete Graphic Card? Now you have some LCD Display. congratulation for you, but now we have touchscreen display sir. You have some neat just HTML webpage? sorry, now L.A.M.P is taking over. Still using Walkman? Now with any mobile phone you can hear some music whether you want to walk or even run.

It is good? yes its good of course, but still not great. It just an improvement, even thought it's quite enough to give our life some sparkle.