Solution Can’t Add Video to iTunes 11

07 Aug

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So recently I reinstall my Windows 7 OS and had to reinstalling my iTunes for my iPad. Since iTunes has been updated a lot since the last time I installed it I've downloaded the most recent updated iTunes 11.3 to ensure stability, little did I know that it would be a problem arise.

There are several problem with the new iTunes but the annoying one is that I can't add my movie collection to my iPad. Whether add it via menu, drag and drop or open in iTunes my movie wouldn't show at all at the library.

After a long time searching for solution I try to sort out the difference in install method and turn out the difference is quite simple : they don't auto install Quick Time with iTunes anymore. so I download it from Apple Quick Time download page here and then installed it.

Voila... After that the movie I've added to iTunes is instantly shown.

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