Remove Conduit Search From Firefox

04 Oct

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The one I loved from popular browser these days is really make us easy to browsing around. from search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), Browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) and also their respective plugin creator which have helped us in lot of various way. But the easiness sometimes makes us feels uncomfortable when someone or something change it, It happen to me today.

If you’re like me that loved to use Mozilla Firefox, you may notice that if we write some text not in the web prefix format (e.g www, .com) It will redirect us to the search engine {Google by default} and show us the result with current text as the query. I really love this feature cause it saves me quite a time. But today when I’m gone some of my friend installed some Video Converter where at the installation they offer their community toolbar Powered By Conduit. Well I wont mind if it just a toolbar, but what I didn’t like from Conduit is that they change the default search engine to their own search engine. And as you know already, my friend installed it. :nohope:

After I know the case,  I started searching to find some light for how to revert it back to default cause even if I uninstall the Toolbar, the default redirected search engine is still showing their search URL which is (in my opinion) Not Recommended. When I'm in searching mode, found there a quite a lot of person who facing this kind of problem too, So I decided to post the trick how to resolve this. Currently I'm using Firefox 7 with Windows 7 x64, so it might be a little different with your spec but you'll get the idea.

This is the Screenshot when I type "tes" at my Firefox address bar :

conduit firefox search problem

To fix it first open your Firefox (of course..) and type about:config at the address bar. you'll get some notice of warning, just ignore it since we know what we'll be doing.

Filter for "conduit" key and find a key named keyword.URL

Conduit is gone from my firefox

Now here you can do several way, first you can just right-click on it and hit reset or you can double-click it and change the value to this one if you prefer using Google :

then restart your Firefox, try to test it a little..

Hope this solve your conduit search engine problem, since it solve mine. Have a nice day.

  • Usman

    I have used this method but somehow conduit has migrated from Firefox to Internet Explorer like a virus?
    Usman just wrote..Firefox With Bing, Microsoft Partnership With MozillaMy Profile

    • rainer

      ahahaha.. “like a virus”, nicely said sir.
      by the way, its not migrate but conduit is infected all your installed browser. I’ve never used IE except for test crossbrowser design, so I just reset my IE. But if you’re an IE user just be careful cause resetting IE will make you lose all your IE personalization you’ve made like favorites, cookies, history, and any login saved in IE.
      How to reset it is like this :
      Tools > Internet Options, see Advanced tab, and then click Reset button.
      Hope this help fix your problem