RAINERBOOK Android Apps from Uppsite

03 Jul

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Several days before, I was signing up for my site mobile apps at Uppsite, Don't know what they are, haven't even heard about them at all makes me feel curious about it. But, the heck with it I just signing up there since the apps requirement is not that difficult [just some logos, description, title].

And yesterday I got email from them that my site Android Apps is finish and can be downloaded from Android market. Too bad since I don't have any Android based smart phone so I can't tested it. But I know it would be great since it is my site Apps [lol..]

Download RAINERBOOK Android Apps directly from Android Market here

Here some screenshot from my Apps :



From the previous email, they said that they're creating the RAINERBOOK iPhone Apps too, can't wait for its to be done submitted so I can tested it. I'll updated it later when the iPhone Apps is available to download.

If you think your site is fulfill the site requirement, you can try submitting your site :

Uppsite | App Your Site

If you've already have the apps, feel free to share with us..

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