Protect Your Online Reputation

21 Apr

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In this online world, we live in anonymity environment. Where someone can pretend to be anyone. Well, for some individual it's fun to be like this. But if you have business whether its online or offline if you don't manage your online reputation it can do some heavy damage, because nowadays people usually more believe google than their own parent.

Okay, you've tried your best to create some product and maintain it and already goes well years. But since almost everyone right now have social network account, just need one person who unsatisfied with your product and post it online and suddenly it goes viral. Then when other person who interested to your product and want to know your business more try to google it and found lot of negative news, review about the business, I don't think that he won't that interested anymore. One less costumer.

So it will be better if you manage your online reputation before something bad is happen, so when that happen you already got the 'Pest Control'. It's quite tricky to manage online reputation since one good method for a company it doesn't mean that it will be do good for your company because there is a lot of dimension we must cover. The Product, Company History, Target Market and lot more.

Here some several suggestion how to manage your online reputation :

1. Create Twitter account so your costumer can get daily update about your product

2. Add Facebook Page to know how much people who like your product and to show to potential costumer.

3. Assign online costumer care so your consumer can talk directly to you about your product.

internet online managenet

For more strategy you can ask to the professional, like at internet reputation management site, where they already spend their energy to find the best formula to create the best method such as reputationdefender where you can fix your google result and boost your online visibility, myreputation to look more credible and professional, and also myprivacy to remove your personal data from appearing online and stop sites from tracking you.

The professional at the internet reputation management site has create award-winning ORM-Tools from years of cutting-edge research so it's best if we trust them to manage our online reputation. If you want to try their service, they also give free snapshot about our online reputation.

Protect your reputation before it's too late.