Protect Copy Important File at PC

05 Sep

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Protect Copy File

Do you have some file that you want other to see BUT dont want them to copy it to their flashdisk? Well that's quite some dilema. At some point you want to protect it, but at other side you want to show it off. Just like what happen with DRM {sound familiar?}

But hey, to tell you the truth its really easy to do that at your PC, Just follow this step and you'll got what you want.

1. Click Start >> Run >> type regedit and then press OK or ENTER.
2. Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> Control
3. Right Click at Control choose New >> Key then give it name StorageDevicePolicies
4. Right Click at StorageDevicePolicies choose New >> DWord Value then give it name WriteProtect
5. Lastly double click at WriteProtect, then change the value become 1.
6. Restart your computer/Laptop.

If you succeed, everytime you or someone else try to copy your file to removable disk, it will show error. But if you want copy between internal drive it still can do.

Now, time to show off something in your PC wthout worries being stolen. :cool:

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