Remove Conduit Search From Firefox

04 Oct

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The one I loved from popular browser these days is really make us easy to browsing around. from search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), Browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) and also their respective plugin creator which have helped us in lot of various way. But the easiness sometimes makes us feels uncomfortable when someone or something change it, It happen to me today.

If you’re like me that loved to use Mozilla Firefox, you may notice that if we write some text not in the web prefix format (e.g www, .com) It will redirect us to the search engine {Google by default} and show us the result with current text as the query. I really love this feature cause it saves me quite a time. But today when I’m gone some of my friend installed some Video Converter where at the installation they offer their community toolbar Powered By Conduit. Well I wont mind if it just a toolbar, but what I didn’t like from Conduit is that they change the default search engine to their own search engine. And as you know already, my friend installed it. :nohope:

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SSL Is Now Required For Facebook Page

02 Oct

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free facebook ssl

Starting Yesterday, Facebook Required all Facebook Page is using SSL certificate to make sure that their user privacy is protected.

Its great news since there are quite a lot of FB user ID is stolen or hacked daily. What is SSL anyway? Quoted from : read more..

What I Think About Windows 8

25 Sep

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Today, I've just finished downloading Windows 8 Developer from Microsoft site. Doesn't want to get curious later the version that I'm downloading is Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64). Cause the difference is not to big, and I don't want to redownloading it again just to want to know how it feels :D

FYI, I'm using VirtualBox at my Windows XP to try this OS. Later I'll cover how to do it at another post.

So when I see the other site screenshot of Windows 8 really makes me excited since it's really give us a brand new looks. that the first reason why I want to download it at the first time. read more..

Protect Copy Important File at PC

05 Sep

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Protect Copy File

Do you have some file that you want other to see BUT dont want them to copy it to their flashdisk? Well that's quite some dilema. At some point you want to protect it, but at other side you want to show it off. Just like what happen with DRM {sound familiar?}

But hey, to tell you the truth its really easy to do that at your PC, Just follow this step and you'll got what you want. read more..

The Meaning Advanced PHP Programmer For Me

25 Aug

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As I browsing yesterday searching for some idea to do to advancing my knowledge in PHP, I stumble into some site that talk about advanced PHP Programmer.  the topic is not new, but still its really interest me as someone who just learn PHP programming.

I won't jump into detail cause as I stated before that I just learn php, I just want to share my perspective. My adventure in WWW world is just began last year, where I amazed by my friend site. The site itself is really simple, but what I amazed is that the function of the site really unique. So I called him, and he said that it use PHP. Don't know what it is, finding resource, tutorial, etc. So here I am, still trying hard learning this programming language. read more..

“Stuck Era” in Technology Development

18 Aug

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technology development stuck eraLooks like Apple framework really work, every time they release something new its always have great follower {or you can say duplicator, plagiator or even alligator...}. From their product iPod, iPhone, iPad now we can see a lot of company take its design to their own product variant. not just that but even their software concept like full Touchscreen display, Apps Store and other is duplicated too.

Well, I don't say that it's bad. More forward I think its good for consumer since it will give us more choice in buying. But, I just hope that this is not create something that happen for a long time in human history what I {personally} called "Stuck Era"{okay, my choice of words is not too bright but I have my point here}. It's an era when some new creative idea is exploding the market, It's not create another bright creative idea. But, sadly it just create some new plagiarism idea.

Don't believe me? here I'll show you some of it {in some cases I might be wrong, but I hope you can see the point I'm trying to show}.

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How To : Choose Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies


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Okay, maybe you'll called me nerd, old school or whatsoever. But truthfully I don't know anything about cloud computing [maybe just heard of it] until several days ago when I'm ask [demand actually] by some of client of mine to find him the Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies. Well, how do you expect me to find trusted Cloud Computing Companies if I don't even know the definition of the Cloud Computing right?

But, don't want to disappoint my client since we have some deal in progress, I begin to started my ritual in searching some info that i don't know. Can you guess it what? f you think I'll straight away open the google website you're absolutely right. Dont mean disrespect other search engine, but I just cut the chase since that with google usually I can find what I'm searching for in no time.

And IT IS!! read more..

Google Plus : Facebook Killer or just another social network?

08 Jul

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Couple days ago my friend invite me via Gmail to newest google product called Google+, Out of curiosity I accept his invitation and open it. Maybe it's just me or the complexity of the system that makes me confused. Social network is all about friend system, and google+ take another popular social network [for example] Facebook and twitter system into another level.

Here what makes me confused. At Facebook there are no follower, either you are a friend of someone [added and accepted] or you WISH to friend with someone [here is Fans Page are for..] . And at Twitter actually there are no friend system, it's just following. We usually call it friend when we are follow and followed by someone [but still it called follow and followed]. Now, at Google Plus they're combining both Friend and Following. But from what I see is [pardon me if I'm wrong] Google Plus is taking follower system from Twitter, and using social network system from Facebook. Here my reason.. read more..

RAINERBOOK Android Apps from Uppsite

03 Jul

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Several days before, I was signing up for my site mobile apps at Uppsite, Don't know what they are, haven't even heard about them at all makes me feel curious about it. But, the heck with it I just signing up there since the apps requirement is not that difficult [just some logos, description, title].

And yesterday I got email from them that my site Android Apps is finish and can be downloaded from Android market. Too bad since I don't have any Android based smart phone so I can't tested it. But I know it would be great since it is my site Apps [lol..] read more..

Earn Decent Income Online

30 Jun

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There's lot of advertisers out there who'll pay for someone with some gadget or else in turn to do them a service or two first. Usually the premise of this is that large companies with massive budgets, which you are familiar with who regularly advertise on tv and have begun advertise online.

If you love to writing and you want to earn some extra cash from this simple hobby then you'd better start looking for some sites that are offering payment for all published works such as articles and stories. Sometimes you will get paid per article or even more you'll be paid per word. Many home based parent and college students find this online job very easy to comply. read more..