Embed Video Youtube Into WordPress Post

18 Apr

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In WordPress 3.3, there is feature auto embed for video site such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you have try and can't do it, there's several way you can do.

1. Go to Setting >Media at Dashboard and check the option auto embed.


2. If still don't work, usually it's because WordPress automaticly convert the pasted word start with http:// into clickable link. So you must remove the link into plain text.

If you need further customization such as the size, centering, you can use shortcode. visit HERE for more information.

Hope this simple tips helps.

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Auto Collect Facebook Games Bonus/Gift

13 Feb

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auto collect facebook bonus

I'm a quite game addict, if there are games I'll play it. from Console type like Sony Playstation 1, 2, 3, Sega, Nintendo generation, XBox, to Online game such as, WoW, Point Blank, and also Social Network based Games like at Facebook, Google+. the last type one is the most interesting since it's can allow us to play with friend with easy, sending gift, coin and much more we can do in Social Network based Games.

But there's something bother me at this, especially at Facebook where I played most of it. In there I have quite a lot of games, and daily I got quite a ton of gift from my friend. Well if I have free time then it's fine, but when I busy it's quite bothering to open the game one by one and accept the gift. Then today my friend to me about this particular apps. read more..

Overclock Your Android Memory Card Speed

06 Feb

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Just got headache from the slow access with my SE xperia mini Android OS handset. The access speed even when I just want to just slide the phone menu here and there, it's really laggy. Even though i have installed setcpu apps to make sure that my cpu clock speed do not drop at all, the laggy still showing so i know the problem is not from the CPU. After analyze for a moment I know that the problem lies from the Memory Card I use, the speed from the Micro SD is really slow.

To make thing worse, I have a lot of apps installed at memory card to save some space at my internal memory. So I browse through the Internet to find a way to optimize my Micro SD, and luckily got some apps to automate the process. But since I'm the kind that more like to do it myself, I search again for the manual way and again luckily found the way.

To do this trick your Android-based phone must be rooted cause this trick will change some system file. First you must browse at your root drive and go here : read more..

Get Easy Paid from Twitter & Facebook

04 Feb

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making money wuth twitter and facebook

When I say easy, it's literally very easy. You may ever heard about paid to post, or paid to review? Well, if you love to tweeting at Twitter or Facebook or have Linkedin profile if you haven't already know there's also other way to may money and it's called Paid to Tweet / Share.

How it works?

As it said we got paid to retweet the offer for the provider, that's it.

Well, first you must join the provider website below : read more..

Simple and Fast Twitter Client for Browser

02 Feb

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Love to Tweet your daily life? or even just talk about something nothing just want to have fun? I'm with you in it. The uses in Twitter has been growing rapidly these day since they offer really simple social networking yet fun. different with Facebook where there's lot of feature, in Twitter it's really simple : Tweets. Yes that's what Twitter about. How we make new friend, debates, make jokes, inform, promote, almost everything is doing in twitter in about 160 char. But honestly in my opinion the twitter site right now is not that simple anymore. read more..

Making Money Online Just By Online

29 Jan

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Okay, you just start-up your online career in money-making now you searching something that suit the newcomer as yourself. with simple rules, simple way, and really payout of course. finding promoting online product still too hard? promoting CPA offer still confusing? or still can't optimize your Adsense account or even haven't got one? or even you have try any other business model yet haven't payout? or just want to search another way to making money online easy way without interfere with your current income well, I think I got one that suit your need.

Introducing PEER Program, here you just install the software at your computer and let it run background and use a little your computer and internet connection resources. But don't think this is some like another fraud making money program. They are legitimate business in testing connection in PEER for various needs. Even they don't accept all the applicant, to be accepted applicant must match their current PEER testing need like the location, connection type, specification and so on. But after you got accepted, you can just online and forget it, let it run and make you some money.

First I want to note that this program is legitimate and no privacy data will be sent over, so you can relax as you making money easy way. read more..

Keep Prepare for Internet Censorship

28 Jan

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At 24 January before, the world is united. All of webmaster around the world is doing the same : protesting the new rule draft created by the U.S senate that widely known by SOPA and PIPA. The content is for online censorship where the rule to protect copyright at US is more strict and forceful. Lot of people feared that this will lead to online censorship since that almost every site its content can be said more or less "violate" copyright. there will be no Youtube, Google, Wikipedia and so on. read more..

The Most Easy Way To Upload Your Image/Picture

12 Jan

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rainerflame Upload Image
Not usually I give review about another site, cause there's so much site, great site out there but usually with some downside. Well, I'm not judging cause I understand too there's finance needs behind every creativity. But now I found some simple yet useful site for your online life yet not push us to make them rich.

Here's the story, Some time ago when I want to upload some picture for my sale thread I realized that the forum's upload server is currently offline. So I must find an alternative where I can upload my pict quite a lot time period. usually I use tinypic, but after some time the image always replaced with their bandwidth exceeded notice. :nohope:

After some search, [ 2 or 3 keyword on googling i forgot...] I found this site :

  read more..

WordPress “Sonny” does it good?

18 Dec

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wordpress 3.3 Sonny

Its been quite long time since the last time I've updated my blog, this one or the other one. Well, the reason is several week ago I got married (finally..), secondly since then I really can't connect to the NET. Since now I'm living in the new house that sadly doesn't have any connection at all. But, thankfully there is genius team that already invented great apps called WAMP, so I can still work my project locally.

Today I already planning to post my blog although I was still confused what to write, but when I was login here I'm quite surprise seeing lot of updates notification at my dashboard. The one catch my eyes is that WordPress updates to 3.3. To be honest, I always afraid when WordPress is updating. Why? well afraid that I must fix my code at my themes of plugin when I have really limited time to online. Here what I thought with this version. read more..

Fix ASUS P5Q-EM DO Common Error

20 Oct

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Actually Its not real error as we all know, rather its the { If I may say } stupidity from ASUS. Hope it help you..

Fix CPU Fan Error
If you get this error, usually its mean that you put the pin of HSF to the wrong slot. So before we continue go ahead check it first. If you already corrected it and still got the error that because your fan is not meet the minimal speed fan threshold requirement. I assume ASUS set the threshold too high so when your fan speed is below it you get this message. read more..