Overclock Your Android Memory Card Speed

06 Feb

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Just got headache from the slow access with my SE xperia mini Android OS handset. The access speed even when I just want to just slide the phone menu here and there, it's really laggy. Even though i have installed setcpu apps to make sure that my cpu clock speed do not drop at all, the laggy still showing so i know the problem is not from the CPU. After analyze for a moment I know that the problem lies from the Memory Card I use, the speed from the Micro SD is really slow.

To make thing worse, I have a lot of apps installed at memory card to save some space at my internal memory. So I browse through the Internet to find a way to optimize my Micro SD, and luckily got some apps to automate the process. But since I'm the kind that more like to do it myself, I search again for the manual way and again luckily found the way.

To do this trick your Android-based phone must be rooted cause this trick will change some system file. First you must browse at your root drive and go here :


Edit the "read_ahead_kb" file with your favorite file editor, here I'm using root explorer since my fave file explorer since "Symbian" Nokia era don't know why can't edit the file. What this file work for I haven't got clearer info, but from lot of forum discussion This file responsible with the memory card speed access. It's like buffer size or something like that.

There you'll see the content is 4, It's represent 4kb. well the rest is easy you can change it with more number but make sure that the number is represent the kb multiplier. I use 1024, 2048, 3072, 4092.

But don't think that with more number you'll got more speed, it's doesn't work that way. you must test it first before you got the most efficiently fast for your device and you memory card. to test it I'll use "SD Tools" app that you can get it free from the Market. As I stated before I decided to use from four number that is 1024, 2048, 3072, 4092. So let us test it out now.

First I'm using 1024 and the result I got is :

Write Speed : 8.9

Read Speed : 17.9


Secondly using 2048 I got :

Write Speed : 7.5

Read Speed : 15.3

read_ahead_kb 2048


Third using 3072 got :

Write Speed : 7.9

Read Speed : 21.2

read_ahead_kb 3072


And, finally using 4092 got the result :

Write Speed : 5.5

Read Speed : 18.7

read_ahead_kb 4092


From above speed test I decided that I'll use 3072 since its got the fastest Read Speed. Even though the Write Speed is beaten by 1024 with difference 1.0 MB/s but the difference at Read Speed much bigger with 3.3 MB/s differ. And actually since I'm needed to accelerate the Read Speed  more, I think I'll stuck with it.

But dont think that it'll same case as your device. every Device and every Memory is unique so feel free to run your own test since now you know how to do it. But remember, the content will go default to 4 again if you restart your device so make sure you backup the file first so if you needed again just copy-pasted it. Well, you can use apps to do this, but at least with this you'll save several precious kb space at your device.

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