New RAINERBOOK Widget : Upside Down

28 Jun

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As you can see at the left side below search widget, i've adding new widget called Upside Down [well, it's just me who called it anyway]. the feature is not too essential, just for having fun. the feature is similar with some popular flip text site, that to upside down the text you've input at the first box, and show the upside down letter result at the second one. the difference is, im using it as widget so you can use it while you're reading my article.

Quite fun right? Hehe.. You can copy pasted the text result to anything you want, Facebook, Twitter just anything. Or, if you want you can use the rotated text for your password. I bet no one will think that way right? even do I, just think about it just as I write this post.. lol.

Have Fun!!