Making Real Money From PTC

26 Jun

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At the previous post we're cover HOW TO : Differencing SCAM and LEGIT PTC Site now after you found legit PTC site you can trust, its time to make some money from them. there are several point you must remember, and each one of it is essential for you to maximize the payout money from the PTC site.

Sign-up Multiple PTC Site

The secret is to sign up with multiple sites and click links simultaneously on the different sites you signed up to. Join at least 10 to 20 programs that are proven, trusted and that pays on time. Do multi tasking ; Open 5-10 Different websites at a time and while you click on ads of one site immediately click on ads of 2nd site and then 3rd, 4th, 5th. If you registered for 10 accounts that serve 10 offers per day, paying a cent per click, you will have earned your first dollar today. but remember to a pick a few PTC sites that you really like. Do not join every single PTC site out there and be very careful which sites you choose. Don't join more than 40 PTC sites as you will not be able to work on them all daily.

Maximizing your income can be done by only work on those sites that you picked out. It might be hard to only pick a few PTC sites but it will help you in the long run. Sure you can join a lot of PTC sites and do a few offers here and there on each PTC site, however it will take you a long time to reach cash out. You might even get in trouble for fraud for doing the same offer twice. Lots of PTC sites use different names for each offer. So it can be hard to know if you have done the offer or not in the past. It is easier when you are working with a limited amount of sites, but trustworthy sites.


Remember to promote only the sites you are working on. I have come across sources online where they urge you to promote all the sites you join. If you join a site and do not click on their offers, you will not find out if they really pay or not. You do not want potential referrals joining a site that will not pay them. If you own a website or a blog, you do not want potential referrals to see banners all over the place promoting exaggerated amounts of sites. It might overwhelm them and they may not want to join any sites because there are far too many to choose from. You only want to promote the sites that you are currently working with and sites that you have been paid from. You want your potential referrals to understand that you trust the sites you promote.


Keep a look out for when your PTC sites are having contests. Most PTC sites at present offer multiple contests during a single month. You have a chance to win free prizes for completing the most offers, getting the most referrals, and so forth. Make sure to check the contests and complete those offers so you can win some prizes.

Payout Limit

Make sure you know how much payout is. GPT payouts are usually higher than PTC ones because you can easily earn more money on a GPT site. I would say if you join a PTC site make sure the payout is not high and it will not take you forever to reach payout. If payout is over $20, I would'nt waste my time working on that site because it would take forever to reach payout. For me, I hate waiting forever to reach a payout on a click site because you do not make much on PTC. I can usually deal with the $10 payout but if it is more than $20 sorry, no thanks. It is not worth my computer getting a virus or spyware for only $20.

Premium Member

When you have decided which site you will be using and promoting make sure you become a premium member for that site, this will increase your per click amount and also speed up your payout time. Don’t become a premium member until you have accumulated at least 10 referrers. And keep clicking, don’t neglect sites for too long or your account will become static and you will lose all your money and referrers.

Once you have been a member for a while and see for yourself that the site does pay, you can consider upgrading your membership or buying referrals. Upgrading your membership: Most PTC sites offer a premium membership. This premium membership has a lot of benefits : an increase in the amount that each click pays, an increase in the amount that you earn from your referral's clicks, and even an increase in the number of clicks available to you. Upgrading can virtually double your earnings, and is often inexpensive and really well worth it!


Have patience clicking ads and don't give up even if you're clicking on your own, once you manage to reach your payout don't spend it, invest first in buying or renting referrals from your own favourite PTC site. This may guarantee that you will earn reasonable profits in the near future. Once you are earning a steady supply of cash, that's the right time to spend it for your own pleasure.

You might even earn more...

Most sites will offer sets of unreferred members that can be added to your own referrer line for a price. This price varies, but usually it is well worth it. You should keep in mind that the site will not guarantee that the members will remain active. They will be active at the time that you buy them, but most sites will not replace members who become inactive. This action can increase your earnings by hundreds, because your referrals will earn for you. It is important to be sure that the site is legitimate before you make a purchase with your own money, because few sites offer refunds or replacements for inactive referrals. If you want to buy referrals or a Premium Membership, but you are not sure that you should trust the site, most sites allow you to buy those things with your earnings. Until you are sure, you will just have to get referrals the usual old-fashioned way : traffic exchanges!