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29 Jan

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Okay, you just start-up your online career in money-making now you searching something that suit the newcomer as yourself. with simple rules, simple way, and really payout of course. finding promoting online product still too hard? promoting CPA offer still confusing? or still can't optimize your Adsense account or even haven't got one? or even you have try any other business model yet haven't payout? or just want to search another way to making money online easy way without interfere with your current income well, I think I got one that suit your need.

Introducing PEER Program, here you just install the software at your computer and let it run background and use a little your computer and internet connection resources. But don't think this is some like another fraud making money program. They are legitimate business in testing connection in PEER for various needs. Even they don't accept all the applicant, to be accepted applicant must match their current PEER testing need like the location, connection type, specification and so on. But after you got accepted, you can just online and forget it, let it run and make you some money.

First I want to note that this program is legitimate and no privacy data will be sent over, so you can relax as you making money easy way.

How we do to start making money here? really simple, just JOIN this program and let it run background as you do your daily activities like Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Coding, or even download anything.

To join this program, first you must join at their website here :

PEERprogram Site

Then you must fill the registration form to apply, here the screenshot :

Make sure the registration form is looks exactly the same and fill all the detail needed correctly so when there is something wrong you can take it back cause its hard just to apply. And MAKE SURE that the email you use is your PAYPAL email since there are no option to input our paypal email.

after register and confirm the email you can download the software. To setup, after you installing the PEER software go to :

And then edit the username using your own username

and the you done !

Does it now it'll making money? Not yet..

As I stated before only qualified applicant will accepted, so at this point your account is still under review as you can see at the software account status below :

They accepted only qualifier PEER that active online so MAKE SUREĀ  you must keep let the software online even thought your account status still pending to make sure the admin seeing you as active prospector and really dedicated PEER. usually they accept the PEER Client every 2 weeks rolling to every country.

You'll start making real money if you account is already active :

If already active, Now you can start making money by just online from your computer.

So are you ready to making money online just by online? register now here :

PEERprogram Site

Here is the catch. If you register using above link, I'll help you INCREASE YOUR ONLINE TIME by put your username at the PEER software at my INTERNET CAFE so your online time will be increase quite fast without violate their Policy because there a lot of PEER is still pending even thought they are online for about a year. And after your account here got accepted and status Active I'll give you tips to maximize your earning legally here without making your account got banned.

Send me email at

So what you waiting for, register now and start making money easy without even have to do anything again..

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