Keep Prepare for Internet Censorship

28 Jan

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At 24 January before, the world is united. All of webmaster around the world is doing the same : protesting the new rule draft created by the U.S senate that widely known by SOPA and PIPA. The content is for online censorship where the rule to protect copyright at US is more strict and forceful. Lot of people feared that this will lead to online censorship since that almost every site its content can be said more or less "violate" copyright. there will be no Youtube, Google, Wikipedia and so on.

If you think that its doesn't affect your country, think again. eventually if this rule is accepted by the government it will be spread to your country too. And luckily several days ago the US government denied the SOPA and PIPA. But don't close the curtain yet cause the fight is isn't over. There will be another rule with different mask that will try to limiting our free internet world where the mighty corporation will be the new ruler.

So, even thought the SOPA and PIPA is over this site is still use the STOP CENSORSHIP ribbon to remind us that the fight is hasnt over yet.