Is It Insane to Refuse Job Offer from Google?

04 May

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So I just read a blog from Niklas Femerstrand about how someone from Google approach him to works there and apparently he refuse it. From what I read he did not comfortable with Google approach in their business strategy, where the company spent years promoting the 'Do No Evil' slogan but in reality Google is just hiding in it and give access for Intelligence Agencies to illegally wiretap their citizen who's using their services. you can read his whole post here.

It's interesting because from all this time we always think that Google is like the dream company for any IT Professional, from creativity freedom, salary it still one of the best company out there. So is the reason to refuse is make sense? well, to be honest I always think it is every people rights to do everything he like as long as it did not affecting negatively to other people. But it's not his reason that I want to wrote here, it's from Google perspective.

Google has done so much to ensure the Internet public freedom, several years ago you won't even realize that they're a Multinational Company. Hell, you even confused how they're pays their bill. It's more like a Big Bang Open Source. But now it's term & conditions is updated so they wont be sue if someone found out that their mailbox is wiretapped, or if their account is blocked because someone at some Agencies think that it been used for illegal activities (even though Google didn't find one).

So I think the main problem is for the last decade with its still in growth Google has reach everyone heart with its slogan, full support at Open Source, Public Freedom any many other reason. So when they done this they really has broken many heart. Many heart that believe that Google will stood in front of them to ensure Public Speech Safety.

So if you ask me is it insane to refuse job offer from Google?. I think it's completely justified.