HOW TO : Differencing SCAM and LEGIT PTC Site

22 Jun

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There are a lot of paid to click site on the net and with that much money-making programs, you can be sure to expect different experiences from one to nother. Some users have had bad experiences but this is not always PTC site fault, but generally the whole industry has got a bad name because of many bad operators that open some PTC website for a few months and then gone, dead, disappear....

One of the main reasons is they don’t really know what they are doing and how much work and effort is involved. Remember almost every PTC will have some bad reviews and to tell you the truth this is normal because there are so many people using them. Unfortunately not everyone will be happy for different reasons, so make sure you spend some time researching the PTC sites you want to join in. In this article i will tell you how to identify scam PTC Sites.

Research Background

Check the business record by check whois and other info. You can read how many complaints on the said establishment. Find if there's any company name or contact number listed for the site/company. Also, try to search for the site feedback and if you cannot take the risks then do not apply with such site. If the site has an actual physical address, it is worthwhile to check if they are genuinely located at those premises. You may send them emails, even call them to prove that a real person answers your calls and your emails and gives you answers to your specific questions and not an automatic mail.

PTC / GPT Site Review Investigations

Search PTC site review and don't have any affiliation with one or another. The site that lists MANY PTC sites that one can use to make money. Also they who review PTC sites, and let you know if it's a scam or legit. It's very useful to search for a PTC site have proof of payments and much more here before you sign up. The best places to look is under the "Trusted Sites", "The Elite" or "Legit Sites". If you look in these lists, you will find many PTC sites you can sign up with and start making money on the side. There are tons of useful information on this site so take some time, click around and read the comments. PTC Investigations completely lays it all out for you. It really will be beneficial for you to poke around and read a bit.

Don’t Join Bad / Non-Customized Sites

When finding a new PTC site, look at the layout : is it professional and unique? This may not seem like a major important factor to decide legitimacy of the site, but it most definitely is. If the layout is visually unpleasant [ or bad ], they probably didn't put much time and effort into it. Some sites are just generally bad-looking or covered in advertisements. This is a bad factor. You want to find a site that is professional, custom and in it for the long run. If they were in it for the long run, they would make their site unique and would have invested the layout into a professional outcome.

Don't Purchase Anything Yet !

If you find a new site that seems "legitimate" and are considering purchasing something, don't ever do that!. Seriously, If the site is new with no real member base and no evident payment proofs, don't join. Let the site run for at least 4 months before purchasing upgrades so you can play it safe

Invest Only IF You Can Afford To Lose It All

This is not only basic rule in PTC, but in every kind of investment. When investing, you are taking a risk : you may get your money back plus some earnings, or you can lose it all. Don't invest in new sites. The word "new" does not mean only sites which are only a few weeks old, but also and sites in which you are new member. It is recommended that you avoid investing in new sites and that you be member for a short period (and get paid too) in a site before you invest.

Never use your own money, You never know if the site you have invested your time and money in will turn out to be a scam, so if you’re going to invest, use money you have made from the site or other PTC sites. If you must invest money then don’t put more that $20 -$30 or a little more to keep it low so you can get it back fast

Don't Join Past Scammers Sites

If the site owner is known to of scammed in the past, don't join the site. If they scammed once, believe me they will scam again, don't take the chance.

Don't Use Sites without Support/Forums

If the PTC site doesn't have a decent support system or a forum where an administrator is active, don't use it. You should always try to get in touch with the administrator, even if you send a simple enquiry to their email address or via a "Contact Us" form. If the admin doesn't make contact within 2 business days, you should avoid the site at all.

Check Member List and Pay Rate

PTC site that try to hide the members list or how much the payout and try to be unclear about how they doing business is probably got something to hide. Check the sites payouts in the forums and at their proofs page. Note that it is easy to make up ‘proofs’ so read in the forums about real people who have received payouts.

Read TOS, FAQ and Other Info Page

In the TOS (Terms of Service, or Terms and Conditions) you can find a lot of answers to questions you have. You must pay careful attention to the TOS and also to always make sure to read thoroughly through the PTC site's FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and support section.


"Sustainability is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely." [Wikipedia]

In PTC terms, when a site is sustainable that means it can survive for years. A PTC which is charging less money than it pays it is unsustainable and cannot live forever. Unsustainable sites are scams, period. It is inevitable that sites paying $1 to $100 per click are scams. Usually you can expect to earn $0.001 to $0.01 per click (standard member). As for your referrals, you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.0025 to $0.005 per each click. Sites paying more than $0.005 per referral's click (standard member) are unsustainable no matter what their advertising rates may be. Only one or two PTC sites can pay more than $0.005 per referral's click and really survive.


There are many individual websites and blogs that keep an updated track of all the PTC sites that do not payout. These SCAM sites should be avoided at all times so to ensure you are not wasting your time when you can be really making money on other sites that do pay.

Don't Use Same Password On All PTC Sites

Some scammers create new PTC sites because they want to "steal" your personal sensitive information. If you do not want to see your accounts hacked do not use the same password in every PTC site. Sometimes a PTC site may get hacked, and the hacker will then try the same user name and password on various other accounts, emails, gateways, PTC sites etc… A good suggestion is to use 2-4 different usernames too. Finally if you join the forum of a site, it is recommended that you use a different email account (and of course a unique password). Forums hacked usually easier different with main site.

Do not cheat

You will be banned, Don’t do it!


Hope it help you to find some legit PTC site and Start making money online :beer:

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