How To : Choose Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies

18 Aug

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Okay, maybe you'll called me nerd, old school or whatsoever. But truthfully I don't know anything about cloud computing [maybe just heard of it] until several days ago when I'm ask [demand actually] by some of client of mine to find him the Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies. Well, how do you expect me to find trusted Cloud Computing Companies if I don't even know the definition of the Cloud Computing right?

But, don't want to disappoint my client since we have some deal in progress, I begin to started my ritual in searching some info that i don't know. Can you guess it what? f you think I'll straight away open the google website you're absolutely right. Dont mean disrespect other search engine, but I just cut the chase since that with google usually I can find what I'm searching for in no time.

And IT IS!!

I found the definition that i need to understand this in just a second. Just watch this video and I know you'll be understood too.

Okay, after I know what are Cloud Computing stand for, now I can focus in searching Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies. But that stuck me again with another problem, The "Standard". I must make some standard to differentiate between Trusted and not. After searching a while finally I found some.

Since the main issue n cloud computing is that our files is hosted by the companies in other server so the main issue here is Security.

How to check that?

  1. Choose the cloud computing companies that has proven track record in it and also well established.
  2. If you're uploaded sensitive data, you must make sure that your data is really protected. such as US Government standard AES-256.
  3. Make sure the connection between you and your cloud is encrypted. Its optional, but it's always great to have extra precaution.
  4. Read closely their service level agreement (SLA), make sure they guarantee your Cloud Computing in safe level, and have compensation if you facing any problems.

I know you'll interested in Cloud Computing since it's what we really need right now with its scalability, Instant feature.

If you have some more deep question or even more suggestion about this topic, you can always make some comment or just search it at google [actually for question I prefer you just googled it first].