Google Plus : Facebook Killer or just another social network?

08 Jul

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Couple days ago my friend invite me via Gmail to newest google product called Google+, Out of curiosity I accept his invitation and open it. Maybe it's just me or the complexity of the system that makes me confused. Social network is all about friend system, and google+ take another popular social network [for example] Facebook and twitter system into another level.

Here what makes me confused. At Facebook there are no follower, either you are a friend of someone [added and accepted] or you WISH to friend with someone [here is Fans Page are for..] . And at Twitter actually there are no friend system, it's just following. We usually call it friend when we are follow and followed by someone [but still it called follow and followed]. Now, at Google Plus they're combining both Friend and Following. But from what I see is [pardon me if I'm wrong] Google Plus is taking follower system from Twitter, and using social network system from Facebook. Here my reason..

When you add someone to your "Circle" you don't need that person permission. you just add her/him. That's feel like when we follow someone at Twitter, but the difference is the sharing content where at Twitter we can only share limited character status and link. The content sharing system where they adopt [or may I say 'copied'] Facebook. The stream type, templating, and still much more. With this kind of feature to be honest I don't understand why Facebook is intimidating with Google+ [or maybe they are see what I can't see, I don't know..]

If you haven't join there yet, I can send the invitation to you. Just comment here and fill the e-mail address with your Gmail that you wish to be invited, and say that you want to be invited.

Don't get me wrong, I'm big fans of the big G. I'm just seeing from the user side and hoping they will come with new invention, where usually they just buy new kind of site and added it to their framework. And remember, it still beta so hopefully there are a lot of changes of it and makes breakthrough in Internet like what Facebook did.

  • Monika

    I think Google PLus would take some time to be like facebook and twitter but anyway I’m also excited to use and see how Google Plus works.
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    • admin

      agreed, especially if you see Google+ games. quite fun playing angry birds aiming best score with your friend at each level.. :D