Get Easy Paid from Twitter & Facebook

04 Feb

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making money wuth twitter and facebook

When I say easy, it's literally very easy. You may ever heard about paid to post, or paid to review? Well, if you love to tweeting at Twitter or Facebook or have Linkedin profile if you haven't already know there's also other way to may money and it's called Paid to Tweet / Share.

How it works?

As it said we got paid to retweet the offer for the provider, that's it.

Well, first you must join the provider website below :

At the first site above fill your detail in the registration form and confirm your email. At the admin page don't forget to update your profile, because there you can put your paypal address

after that just wait for the offer at the Campaign tabs, really easy.

While at the second site, you can making money by share a link to your twitter / Facebook / linkedin then got paid when someone click that link.

Just register and pick the offer to share to your social network account, and wait for the money to rise