Fix White Color Turn Yellow-ish at Your Monitor

27 Dec

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Its been a while since I haven't update any post here, and since the 2014 is already near I started to think to try to update here regularly again. I am the one of the guys that read a lot of manga scan at my PC, I can spent quite amount of time just read it when I have the chances. Not just that, I also regularly use image editor a lot for fun or work. Then I've come to some weird trouble, my image viewer and also my image editing software recently displayed the white color in my image kind a bit yellow. Is really irritating since at other software background such as my Explorer show white perfectly.

After a little researching turn out my Windows 7 updated my monitor driver and somehow alter the Color Management so that it not use the standard color profile setting but use the driver profile instead. If you have the same trouble like this, actually its quite easy to fix it. No need for extra software, just turn the color setting back to usual.

1. Open Color Management window, at windows 7 you can just open start menu and at search type color


2. At the Color Management window, simply press add button then choose sRGB IEC61966-2.1 from drop down menu.

3. After sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is added, click on it and click [Set as Default Profile] button to make it default ICC profile.


That's it, your yellow-ish white has turn perfectly white again.. Its simple right?

Have a nice day