Fix Photoshop Typing Right to Left Glitch Cursor

29 Dec

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If you install Photoshop 6 or maybe other version with middle eastern language options, you probably will face this annoying glitch. The symptom is when your try to type some words to be added to the picture, the typing cursor thingy or what they called it officially "Insertion Point" is move Right to Left (RTL) instead following my text progress which is Left to Right (LTR).

Even thought it's not that vital, but when you mistype a letter in the middle of the words you will have a bad time trying to put this cursor thingy into the place so you can delete that particular letter. But actually to fix this is somehow quite easy, and it can be done under 5 second.

Just go to Type menu above your Photoshop and then hover at Language Option and the last one step is to choose Default Feature option from the drop down menu.

And that it.. Now you can stop confusing because of this glitch and started confusing again of using the actual Photoshop feature.

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