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06 Jun

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There's a lot of online store out there that had good reputation, lot of daily transaction. Yet, usually lot of it sell mixed product. For example, selling computer hardware, software, clothes, gadget at one place. Its great if we want to browse around or want to bought variety product, but when you want bought some product from the professional in that product type my recommendation is buy it from online store that sell that particular type of product.

Here some example specialist store that exist around. The store name is copyfaxes, as the name said they speciality is only selling printing-related hardware such as : Printer, Copier, Fax Machines, Shredder. Not only the New one but they are also sell recondition. This is obviously great for your with limited budget but want hardware that work great but with lower price and because store that sell recondition hardware usually have professional technician in this area so you can relax. The only minus is that the hardware tend to have slightly shorter life span.

For example here a recondition printer that they sell there. Its HP 1100 Laserjet Monochrome Laser Printer Recondition. If you search about this product review, almost all of it positive. although it's already discontinued, this printer still sought because its have good printing quality, quite fast printing speed, and the printer not easily broken. As we can see from the price tag for refurbish / recondition hp 1100 still quite expensive around 150-230 where copyfaxes put the $92 price tag for this printer, they really put competitive price and quality.

So if you need to search printing device in tight budget, maybe you can visit there to find printing device that suit you and your budget.

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