Easy Leveling Marvel Alliance Agent

08 Jul

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For several last weeks, I was so into this Facebook game. After before only login just to play Angry Birds Friends at Facebook, now almost all my Facebook time is spent by playing this Marvel Avenger Alliance game. What so good about this game? well, from the gameplay it's not new, from my experience it's almost like another popular Facebook Game : Ninja Saga.

What special from this game is that the character is Marvel Superheroes. From Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine and still much more. The newest addition is Scarlet Witch. So, I who grown idolize the superheroes really excited when find this game.

Like another game, Leveling our char is quite essential to reflect our stat. more higher the char stat, more easier to finish the mission or playing with another player at PvP. Several days ago Playdom the publisher of the game release Mission 8 after a long wait of it.

New villain is added, but the most anticipated is the Epic Boss. As you all know Epic Boss is unlock when you have finished all the task at that particular Mission. Here there is Epic Boss at Mission 8.5 with The Hood as the Epic Boss.


When you win againts him, you will win quite a lot exp to upgrade your agent level. But to got there again you must finish quite a lot task. Here where the trick is, Don't Win yet just purposely lose.

Why? cause the exp this epic boss give when we lose quite a lot. At level 87 I got 180 exp for just losing. Now i'm currently at level 99.. nice huh?

So start leveling your agent now. If you need guide when playing this game, I recommend my friend Stan Faryna blog who cover almost every aspect in this game at here : Stan WordPress Blog

Lastly hope you can enjoy this game as I do.


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