Download Online Flash Games

25 May

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do you like playing online flash games? well, i do :D

but it's quite annoying that we had to online just to play the game, now how if we want to play it offline?

well, usually i just right-click the page, view the page source and then find link with extension .swf and copy the link to my fave download manager. But still i think the step is too long so i search the alternative here and there, and i found some interesting website.

it called

here the website screenshot :

  the site layout looks simple? as simple as how it works.

1. Put your link url where you played the online flash game

2. Check the statement that you agree with the Terms Of Service

3. Check the filter to "Object"

4. Then click "Get Files" button.

Simple and easy.. too easy right? :D

now, for you who don't know where the site provide the flash games, here some example the try :

Okay, hope it'll help your day, and if you have any question, or want to add some suggestion feel free to post some comment