Create Your Very Own Profile Facebook Museum

10 Jun

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Today when i open my Facebook profile I see some ads called At first I thought it just another ads from unknown source or just some phising site, but when I see the website it's from well at least I know they don't need my privacy or whatsoever lol :ngakaks

Curious with what it is can do, so i just click it, and connect it to my Facebook. And you know what happen next?

it grabbing all my Facebook stuff, from friend, photo, video that i like and other stuff. First come in my mind "ouch, they try to grab my data!!" but my curiosity defeat my sense :D so i let them to finish it. When it finish, I amazed with the video they show. Its show some exhibition with me as the main star [don't know when it'll happen in real life thought..] show my best friend, display gallery of my photo and so much else with great 3D CG.

here some of my Exhibition screenshot :

<img title="musem of me" src="" alt="musem of me" />museum of me
Go here if you want to create your very own Exhibition, and see it by yourself..