Convert AVI into High Quality MKV

12 Apr

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Have u try converting your movie collection which is an AVI to other video format to save your hardisk space?? I bet if u an movie freak like me, u already have try it :D But, almost all the time the converted video quality is really bad, right??

Well, to convert video to other format is easy but quite tricky.. Today, popular video format is Matroska File. We all know MKV file because this format have minimum size but the quality is quite excellent. U can't get good quality movie with just install one converting apps, it need combination of apps, codec, and the steps of course :cool:

Now, i will share all three of them :beer:

Okay, before we start lets make sure u have This following application at your PC :

1. MeGUI

2. Avisynth

3. Nero AAC Codec

4. All Profiles

Done, downloading it?? Lets move on to the next step shall we...

  1. Install MeGUI dan avisynth
  2. Copy 3 file Nero AAC (neroAacTag, neroAacDec, neroAacEnc) to meGUI directory (usually C:\Program Files\MeGUI)
  3. Copy the folder "all profiles" to C:\Program Files\MeGUI. replace all files in the target directory.
  4. Update MeGUI, press Ctrl+U or click options->update. After its done, restart the application.
  5. At MeGUI, press Ctrl+R or choose --> tools --> AVI script creator.
  6. At Video input, browse the AVI file will be encoded.
  7. Uncheck resize (recommended)
  8. Click save, close the preview box. then we will back to first dialog box.
  9. At encoder setting, use profile: "x264: HQ-Slow" or "x264:Unresteicted 2pass HQ"
  10. file format, pilih MKV.
  11. in Audio Input, browse the same AVI file like before
  12. Encoder Setting, choose "Nero AAC: NDAAC-HE-64kbs" with Ekstension MP4-AAC
  13. Click auto encode.
  14. Container, choose MKV
  15. Choose average bitrate, input number 480.
  16. Click queue, back to MeGUI first dialog box.
  17. At the upside, click queue button.
  18. Finally Click Encode.. and done..

Sorry, no preview.. But if u try it, i think this tutorial is enough.. :cool:

Now you can make your hard disk space more bigger that before, without deleting your precious movie collection :beer:

Happy Encoding guys....!!