The Most Easy Way Create Website

20 May

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It's not easy to create some website design that can represent our business or personality, especially what we want. Because there is step we must do to make Design Idea become Website Design.

First we create sketch of how the layout should like. then we create PSD's of that sketches so we can populate the graphic element such as icon, image, gradient, etc. After that the hard part begin, CODING. From HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and other that you must know in order to make your design idea become actual Web design.

Done? if you intend just design, well its done although there are some other step to make it live site.

If the above step is too long for you, you can just hire some web design professional and let they do the job, but if you want to make it yourself yet you're don't know anything about coding but don't want to suffer from the process, I got some site that I know you'll love. read more..

Embed Video Youtube Into WordPress Post

18 Apr

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In WordPress 3.3, there is feature auto embed for video site such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you have try and can't do it, there's several way you can do.

1. Go to Setting >Media at Dashboard and check the option auto embed.


2. If still don't work, usually it's because WordPress automaticly convert the pasted word start with http:// into clickable link. So you must remove the link into plain text.

If you need further customization such as the size, centering, you can use shortcode. visit HERE for more information.

Hope this simple tips helps.

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