Protect Your Online Reputation

21 Apr

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In this online world, we live in anonymity environment. Where someone can pretend to be anyone. Well, for some individual it's fun to be like this. But if you have business whether its online or offline if you don't manage your online reputation it can do some heavy damage, because nowadays people usually more believe google than their own parent.

Okay, you've tried your best to create some product and maintain it and already goes well years. But since almost everyone right now have social network account, just need one person who unsatisfied with your product and post it online and suddenly it goes viral. Then when other person who interested to your product and want to know your business more try to google it and found lot of negative news, review about the business, I don't think that he won't that interested anymore. One less costumer. read more..

Keep Prepare for Internet Censorship

28 Jan

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At 24 January before, the world is united. All of webmaster around the world is doing the same : protesting the new rule draft created by the U.S senate that widely known by SOPA and PIPA. The content is for online censorship where the rule to protect copyright at US is more strict and forceful. Lot of people feared that this will lead to online censorship since that almost every site its content can be said more or less "violate" copyright. there will be no Youtube, Google, Wikipedia and so on. read more..

SSL Is Now Required For Facebook Page

02 Oct

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free facebook ssl

Starting Yesterday, Facebook Required all Facebook Page is using SSL certificate to make sure that their user privacy is protected.

Its great news since there are quite a lot of FB user ID is stolen or hacked daily. What is SSL anyway? Quoted from : read more..

Protect Copy Important File at PC

05 Sep

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Protect Copy File

Do you have some file that you want other to see BUT dont want them to copy it to their flashdisk? Well that's quite some dilema. At some point you want to protect it, but at other side you want to show it off. Just like what happen with DRM {sound familiar?}

But hey, to tell you the truth its really easy to do that at your PC, Just follow this step and you'll got what you want. read more..

How To : Choose Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies

18 Aug

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Okay, maybe you'll called me nerd, old school or whatsoever. But truthfully I don't know anything about cloud computing [maybe just heard of it] until several days ago when I'm ask [demand actually] by some of client of mine to find him the Trusted and Reliable Cloud Computing Companies. Well, how do you expect me to find trusted Cloud Computing Companies if I don't even know the definition of the Cloud Computing right?

But, don't want to disappoint my client since we have some deal in progress, I begin to started my ritual in searching some info that i don't know. Can you guess it what? f you think I'll straight away open the google website you're absolutely right. Dont mean disrespect other search engine, but I just cut the chase since that with google usually I can find what I'm searching for in no time.

And IT IS!! read more..

Difference Between Computer Virus, Trojan and other

03 Jun

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Good Day Mate..

Today im gonna post the difference between lot of program that design to do bad thing to other computer, like computer viruses. lot of people said when they computer got infected : "My computer got infected by virus!" when actually it's not virus that infected them but trojan, does it different? of course... different the infection type makes the solution different too.

read more..

Hide Your Secret Folder at Windows

13 Apr

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Hi all,

I'm sure you all have some secret file at your computer right?? :malu:

Now, we will learn how to hide your existed folder. interested? great..

ever try to protect it with some protect folder software?? althought it easy, but the other will know that you have some secret files. And in the worst scenario, he/she will demand you to unlock it.. :army: Well, thats not what we want right?? :D

Alright, how if we try to hide our secret folder without any software?? sound good doesnt it :genit:

Okay let start the tutorial... read more..