Is It Insane to Refuse Job Offer from Google?

04 May

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So I just read a blog from Niklas Femerstrand about how someone from Google approach him to works there and apparently he refuse it. From what I read he did not comfortable with Google approach in their business strategy, where the company spent years promoting the 'Do No Evil' slogan but in reality Google is just hiding in it and give access for Intelligence Agencies to illegally wiretap their citizen who's using their services. you can read his whole post here.

It's interesting because from all this time we always think that Google is like the dream company for any IT Professional, from creativity freedom, salary it still one of the best company out there. So is the reason to refuse is make sense? well, to be honest I always think it is every people rights to do everything he like as long as it did not affecting negatively to other people. But it's not his reason that I want to wrote here, it's from Google perspective. read more..

Alternate Suit for Amazing Spiderman 2

02 May

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Today is the release date for The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie. Although to be honest I really did not dig the cast and the story, Spiderman is still by far is my most favorite Marvel superheroes. neck to neck with Batman.

Now like all superheroes movies nowadays, the storyline is always number two in every fans mind. Don't get me wrong, it's important too.. But still can't beat the fans expectation for the suit design, all news about the suit is always awaited. No different with this movie which is have quite amount of alternative suit for Spiderman before they stick with the current one, where in my opinion is not the best choices considering the alternative design which looks more awesome.

Here they are : read more..

Fix Photoshop Typing Right to Left Glitch Cursor

29 Dec

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If you install Photoshop 6 or maybe other version with middle eastern language options, you probably will face this annoying glitch. The symptom is when your try to type some words to be added to the picture, the typing cursor thingy or what they called it officially "Insertion Point" is move Right to Left (RTL) instead following my text progress which is Left to Right (LTR).

Even thought it's not that vital, but when you mistype a letter in the middle of the words you will have a bad time trying to put this cursor thingy into the place so you can delete that particular letter. But actually to fix this is somehow quite easy, and it can be done under 5 second. read more..

Fix White Color Turn Yellow-ish at Your Monitor

27 Dec

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Its been a while since I haven't update any post here, and since the 2014 is already near I started to think to try to update here regularly again. I am the one of the guys that read a lot of manga scan at my PC, I can spent quite amount of time just read it when I have the chances. Not just that, I also regularly use image editor a lot for fun or work. Then I've come to some weird trouble, my image viewer and also my image editing software recently displayed the white color in my image kind a bit yellow. Is really irritating since at other software background such as my Explorer show white perfectly. read more..

Easy Leveling Marvel Alliance Agent

08 Jul

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For several last weeks, I was so into this Facebook game. After before only login just to play Angry Birds Friends at Facebook, now almost all my Facebook time is spent by playing this Marvel Avenger Alliance game. What so good about this game? well, from the gameplay it's not new, from my experience it's almost like another popular Facebook Game : Ninja Saga.

What special from this game is that the character is Marvel Superheroes. From Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine and still much more. The newest addition is Scarlet Witch. So, I who grown idolize the superheroes really excited when find this game. read more..

Find Specialist Online Store With Competitive Price

06 Jun

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There's a lot of online store out there that had good reputation, lot of daily transaction. Yet, usually lot of it sell mixed product. For example, selling computer hardware, software, clothes, gadget at one place. Its great if we want to browse around or want to bought variety product, but when you want bought some product from the professional in that product type my recommendation is buy it from online store that sell that particular type of product. read more..

Protect Your Online Reputation

21 Apr

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In this online world, we live in anonymity environment. Where someone can pretend to be anyone. Well, for some individual it's fun to be like this. But if you have business whether its online or offline if you don't manage your online reputation it can do some heavy damage, because nowadays people usually more believe google than their own parent.

Okay, you've tried your best to create some product and maintain it and already goes well years. But since almost everyone right now have social network account, just need one person who unsatisfied with your product and post it online and suddenly it goes viral. Then when other person who interested to your product and want to know your business more try to google it and found lot of negative news, review about the business, I don't think that he won't that interested anymore. One less costumer. read more..

Auto Collect Facebook Games Bonus/Gift

13 Feb

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auto collect facebook bonus

I'm a quite game addict, if there are games I'll play it. from Console type like Sony Playstation 1, 2, 3, Sega, Nintendo generation, XBox, to Online game such as, WoW, Point Blank, and also Social Network based Games like at Facebook, Google+. the last type one is the most interesting since it's can allow us to play with friend with easy, sending gift, coin and much more we can do in Social Network based Games.

But there's something bother me at this, especially at Facebook where I played most of it. In there I have quite a lot of games, and daily I got quite a ton of gift from my friend. Well if I have free time then it's fine, but when I busy it's quite bothering to open the game one by one and accept the gift. Then today my friend to me about this particular apps. read more..

Overclock Your Android Memory Card Speed

06 Feb

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Just got headache from the slow access with my SE xperia mini Android OS handset. The access speed even when I just want to just slide the phone menu here and there, it's really laggy. Even though i have installed setcpu apps to make sure that my cpu clock speed do not drop at all, the laggy still showing so i know the problem is not from the CPU. After analyze for a moment I know that the problem lies from the Memory Card I use, the speed from the Micro SD is really slow.

To make thing worse, I have a lot of apps installed at memory card to save some space at my internal memory. So I browse through the Internet to find a way to optimize my Micro SD, and luckily got some apps to automate the process. But since I'm the kind that more like to do it myself, I search again for the manual way and again luckily found the way.

To do this trick your Android-based phone must be rooted cause this trick will change some system file. First you must browse at your root drive and go here : read more..

Simple and Fast Twitter Client for Browser

02 Feb

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Love to Tweet your daily life? or even just talk about something nothing just want to have fun? I'm with you in it. The uses in Twitter has been growing rapidly these day since they offer really simple social networking yet fun. different with Facebook where there's lot of feature, in Twitter it's really simple : Tweets. Yes that's what Twitter about. How we make new friend, debates, make jokes, inform, promote, almost everything is doing in twitter in about 160 char. But honestly in my opinion the twitter site right now is not that simple anymore. read more..