Find Specialist Online Store With Competitive Price

06 Jun

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There's a lot of online store out there that had good reputation, lot of daily transaction. Yet, usually lot of it sell mixed product. For example, selling computer hardware, software, clothes, gadget at one place. Its great if we want to browse around or want to bought variety product, but when you want bought some product from the professional in that product type my recommendation is buy it from online store that sell that particular type of product. read more..

Fix ASUS P5Q-EM DO Common Error

20 Oct

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Actually Its not real error as we all know, rather its the { If I may say } stupidity from ASUS. Hope it help you..

Fix CPU Fan Error
If you get this error, usually its mean that you put the pin of HSF to the wrong slot. So before we continue go ahead check it first. If you already corrected it and still got the error that because your fan is not meet the minimal speed fan threshold requirement. I assume ASUS set the threshold too high so when your fan speed is below it you get this message. read more..