Auto Collect Facebook Games Bonus/Gift

13 Feb

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auto collect facebook bonus

I'm a quite game addict, if there are games I'll play it. from Console type like Sony Playstation 1, 2, 3, Sega, Nintendo generation, XBox, to Online game such as, WoW, Point Blank, and also Social Network based Games like at Facebook, Google+. the last type one is the most interesting since it's can allow us to play with friend with easy, sending gift, coin and much more we can do in Social Network based Games.

But there's something bother me at this, especially at Facebook where I played most of it. In there I have quite a lot of games, and daily I got quite a ton of gift from my friend. Well if I have free time then it's fine, but when I busy it's quite bothering to open the game one by one and accept the gift. Then today my friend to me about this particular apps.

Its Called : Auto Collect Games Bonuses

What this Facebook Apps do is they automatically accepting the gift at all our Facebook Games, all of it? YES, All of it!

Simply go here :

Allow the Permission and choose which game you want to collect the bonus or gift.

Now if some games that you playing is not in the list and you want to auto collect the bonuses using this, just go to their forum and ask for it.

Hope this simple trick helped you for more excitement in playing the games without feel being forced to play.

Have a nice day..