29 Aug

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This eBOOK is like dreams come true for me who always wanted the have WordPress base blog.. After a long time of learning and dreaming finally its come true :matabelo:
They said :"No Pain, No Gain.." But for me : " No Pain At All.." :beer:

Learning process not always have to add "Pain" in it. Most of the time, "Fun" give a more meaningful n quality result. At least that what i feel while learning it. [although until now the learning process still going on :malu: ]

Recently I've use some plugin to help myself in battling SPAM. but if you failed to meet the condition while your comment is not one of them, you can relax, i always check my trash folder regularly.

As you can see this site now using my own costume made themes, so if some of you like it thanks a lot :D

Last word, I hope this eBlog can give inspiration to all of us. if not, at least my post can useful to us :D
thx for viewing my profile..